• Energy Efficient

    Energy Efficient

    Thermal Performance and Air tightness

    Energy required for heating and cooling is responsible for the majority of energy consumption in the average home. Effective insulation can save thousands of euros in utility bills over the life of your home while contribute to the worldwide aim of sustainable development and the responsibility we have to the future generations.

    This is guaranteed by using Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) because:

    SIPs offer extremely high thermal performance, the Polyisocyanurate (PIR) core of rigid insulation and OSB/3 achieves U-Values as low as 0.14 Watts per Meter Squared per hour in a deference of internal and external temperature of 1 Celsius degree (W/m2K), helping you to make significant savings on your heating and cooling bills.

    SIPs are one of the most airtight and well insulated structural systems available, making them an inherently green product. In effective SIP design and construction thermal bridging is minimized and low air leakage is achieved. This means a house with less energy requirements to heat and cool and allow for better control over indoor environmental conditions.

    Whole life costs of the house are substantially reduced...

  • Cost efficient

    Cost efficient

    In spite of what is generally “accepted that developers, like any other private enterprise, seek to maximize returns on their investments. The very best developers combine this with delivering high quality attractive places that recognise the importance of sustainability and the benefits of mixed uses and activities. But we believe that all too often, the financial bottom line is used as an excuse for delivering mediocre design and poor building quality – the numerous examples of isolated ‘placeless’ estates with near identical houses across the country are testament to this” (The Egan Review, 2004)

    The cost of any home or building is significantly dependant upon its design. Costs vary according to the method of construction used.

    We at iko+eco have managed to make the difference, offering, variety, quality and luxury at cost effective rates by using our experience, our materials and knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

    We offer Turnkey projects deliverable on time and at the agreed costs.

    We have helped our clients to achieve as much as 30% savings in building their dream home.

    Luxury must not always be expensive...

  • Sustainability & Safety

    Sustainability & Safety

    Timber is the only truly sustainable material with every cubic metre of timber used in place of other building materials saving 0.8 tonnes of CO2 from being released from the atmosphere (Harris, 2004).

    The iko+eco home is environmentally friendly because:

    We use Green Panel structural insulated panels which are manufactured using Oriented Strand Boards manufactured from thin wood strands, flakes or wafers sliced from small-diameter round timber logs which are obtained from well managed plantations thus their use does not deplete forests which produce oxygen and remove the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

    The Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam that is used, is CFC/HCFC –free with zero Ozone Depletion Potential and has a low Global Warming Potential and

    Last but not least the very low energy requirements for heating and cooling during the whole life of the home.

    Building to your needs with respect to the future...

  • Time Saving

    Time savings

    Modern Methods of Construction are about better products and processes. They aim to improve business efficiency, quality, customer satisfaction, environmental performance, sustainability and the predictability of delivery timescales. Modern Methods of Construction are, therefore, more broadly based than a particular focus on product. They engage people to seek improvement, through better processes, in the delivery and performance of construction (Barker, 2006).

    Structural Insulated Panels (SIP)

    The biggest advantage of SIP construction system is that the structural support and the insulation are incorporated into a single panel during the manufacturing process. This improves the quality in terms of thermal efficiency and structural support while significantly reducing the on-site construction time.

    The Panelised units that are produced in the Green Panel factory are assembled on-site to produce a three dimensional structure quickly and safely with a predictable construction process. A house with a floor area of 150m² can be assembled in about 3 days by our trained crew ready for finishing works.

    Start to finish in 6 months....

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